Cambridge exams are around the corner… so check out our top tips on how to do well in your FCE speaking exam!


The Speaking part of the Cambridge English Exam is a section where you can really bring up your points, but nerves and silly mistakes can also be your downfall.

It’s less than 15 minutes long, but speaking out loud to an examiner can cause even the most chilled out student to have an attack of the nerves. So here are a few noteworthy tips on how to stay calm and ace your FCE Speaking test.

  1. Be prepared. Make sure you know exactly what you have to do in each part.
  1. Make sure to litter your answers with interesting adjectives, phrasal verbs, keywords, expressions and grammar structures. Short or simple Yes/No answers won’t suffice here.
  1. In part two, make sure to compare the photos and not just describe them. Also don’t stop speaking until the examiner signals that your one minute is up.
  1. In part three, don’t worry if you don’t cover all five points on the chart. You don’t have to. It’s much better to have a good in-depth conversation about three points than race through them all.
  1. In part four, you and your partner have the opportunity to take control of the conversation and continue it on from the first question you are asked. However, if you dry up and have nothing else to say then the examiner will ask you another question. And another.
  1. Make sure you give your partner the opportunity to answer and participate in the dialogue. The Speaking exam should be like a game of table tennis, with each candidate bouncing answers and questions off each other.
  1. If you go blank or forget a word, don’t waste time worrying or searching for the word, just smile and say “anyway” and move on.
  1. Remember, the examiners are looking for good fluid conversation, not perfection, so don’t worry if you make the odd mistake.
  1. If you don’t understand the examiners instructions, just say, “Can you repeat that please.”
  1. Be polite and smile. A happy and enthusiastic exam candidate will make a better impression on the examiners than a grumpy candidate.




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