Check out these fun and relaxing ways to improve your English over the summer.

Make English a daily affair

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your language learning has to stop. There are many ways to improve your English on a day-to-day basis. It’s all about practise and routine so check out our top tips and don’t let English take a back seat over the holidays.


You know those fantastic little yellow post it notes? Well grab them and label all the things in your house. It’s fun exercise to do as an adult or with kids too. And the best part is that by seeing the words on a regular basis you’ll improve your vocabulary in no time. Yes, that means never confusing a Chicken with a Kitchen again!

Light reading

Swap those beach or poolside magazines for English versions. Pick up a gossip magazine in English, or a fashion magazine, science or business one too. You’ll read faster and therefore get more enjoyment out of them. Most good newsagents have an international section… And yeah they can be expensive, so swap them with friends when you are done.

Tune in to English

Use your technology devices wisely this summer and that means less scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and more listening to English podcasts, listening to English music, watching series and films and reading on the internet.

Get social

Talk to nearly anybody in Cordoba and they’ll tell you they are off to the coast for the summer. Well what luck, because so are thousands of English speaking tourists in search of some sun and fun. Take advantage of this – spark up conversation and get a bit of speaking and listening practise in.

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