Stuck for something to say? Take a look at CLC’s guide to Small Talk and never have to endure an awkward social situation again.

What is “Small Talk” exactly? Well, it’s informal conversation about things that are not important, most often between people who do not know each other well. So, whether you are waiting for a very slow lift alongside a co-worker or chatting to a distant relative at a wedding, situations where Small Talk is essential pop up in our daily lives continuously. But mastering the art of these little chats is no easy feat, so here at CLC we will give you a helping hand at becomming an expert at Small Talk with a series of Small Talk lessons.

To start off this week… we’ll take a look at Small Talk associated with the weather. One of the most commonly used forms of Small Talk and relavant for numerous “awkward” social situations.

Here are some questions and exclamations focused at Weather Small Talk!

  • Beautiful day, isn’t it?
  • We couldn’t ask for a nicer day, could we?
  • It’s unusally hot (cold) for this time of year, isn’t it?
  • It sure would be nice to be on the beach right now!
  • My goodness it’ssweltering (freezing) today, isn’t it?
  • It’s a day for the ducks. (It’s raining)

Example Small Talk conversation in a lift.

A: They say it might rain today!

B: Yeah. Although it doesn’t look like it, does it?

A: No, not really… and especially as it’s so hot out.

B: Yeah, we’re having a bit of a heatwave so maybe a bit of rain is good.

A: Exactly. I am a bit fed up of the heat. I am looking forward to Winter.

B: Me too. But then sometimes it gets too cold.

A: Oh look! This is my floor. Bye.

B: Bye!

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