Rafa is looking pleased with himself. He is grinning from ear to ear. Maria, however is not so pleased. They have just finshed the Cambridge b2 exam and Rafa is suddenly talking about cake. Is he hungry? What does he mean?


Maria: Hi Rafa. You look happy.

Rafa: Hi Maria… Yeah. I am. I am glad that exam is over.

Maria: Yeah, me too. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I need to go home, have a nice relaxing bath and a long nap.

Rafa: So how did you find the exam?

Maria: It was OK. I am worried about the writing part. I went blank and couldn´t think of what to write. My mind was in a daze. And then I was up against the time, as I had spent so long day dreaming.

Rafa: Oh no. Wel, there is no point in fretting about it now. What´s done is done!

Maria: You look very happy with yourself however. Aren´t you stressed after such a long exam.

Rafa: I found it a piece of cake!

Maria: You found a piece of cake, where? Why are you talking about cake? Are you hungry?

Rafa: Haha, no it’s an expression used to say that something was extremely easy!!

Maria: Well I am glad you thought so. I didn´t find it so easy. But who knows, maybe by some stroke of luck I will pass.

Rafa: Yeah. Exactly. Well… talking about cake, do you want to go to the café and get some?

Maria: Thanks, but another time. My sofa is calling me.

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