Get to grips with different phrasal verbs. This week we take a peep at phrasal verbs using the verb “Look”…


It’s World Internet Day!

Getting a Handle on Adverbs of Degree

Expressing a good time with verb HAVE

Let your teacher know just how amazing your summer was with these little expressions all using the verb HAVE.

How is your beach talk?

Don’t get stuck trying to talk English this summer. Check out our guide to beach talk! How is your beach talk? Whether you are travelling abroad or would simply like to hang out with a few guiris [...]

Make English a daily affair

Check out these fun and relaxing ways to improve your English over the summer. Make English a daily affair School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your language learning has to [...]


Learning the art of Small Talk

Stuck for something to say? Take a look at CLC’s guide to Small Talk and never have to endure an awkward social situation again. What is “Small Talk” exactly? Well, it’s informal conversation [...]


Blooming marvelous

Follow the fragrant scent of summer in the air and celebrate the May Patio Festival right here in Córdoba. Sneaking in through someone’s front door to take a peek at their home could land you in [...]


A bit cheesed off

A bit cheesed off What’s in a name? Well… everything, according to Spanish Cheesemakers. Makers of the much-loved manchego cheese are seriously cheesed off. Why?, Well, the EU has just ruled that [...]


The Word War

There is a little battle going on. And some of you may have picked up a hint of it in one of your English classes. Perhaps it was the time when you spelt organisation with a ‘z’ and your [...]

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