Follow the fragrant scent of summer in the air and celebrate the May Patio Festival right here in Córdoba.

Sneaking in through someone’s front door to take a peek at their home could land you in trouble, but fortunately this is never the case during the May Patio Festival in Cordoba, when it’s open doors for all to check out the city’s most beautifully decorated interior spaces.

The May Patio Festival has long been a steady feature on Cordoba’s social calendar. Since 1918 in a bid to preserve the famous Andalucian patio, green-fingered Spaniards have been dressing them up with water features, geraniums, roses, carnations and many other pretty plants.

Safeguarding these ancient spaces is very important to local people, according to Anton Fernandez, 60.

“The patio has long been an integral part of the home,” he says.
“Many families used to share these old houses and the patio was where everything happened. My family shared a house with 23 other families. We had five patios, which were social places – but also where we cooked, cleaned and took refuge during the hot months.”

Many houses in the ancient city of Cordoba date back hundreds of years and this Patio Festival, with over 40 different homes participating, offers the unique chance to step inside and view these architectural wonders in their full glory.

This year – once again – Cordoba’s keen gardeners have their sights set high on winning an award for ‘Best Patio’ – and are out in force planting, pruning and sculpting.

Patio veteran Manuel Sanchez Colmenero, who has been with the Patio Association for 24 years, says he is very excited about the upcoming event.

“Already many people are stopping by our patio to take a look. There is a lot of interest. I love it,” he says.

Once again, it really does promise to be a spectacular show, with not only picturesque patios, but plenty of entertainment too. During the festival some patios plan to have live Flamenco music, while others will host art exhibitions.

And as always, the many bars, cafes and restaurants all over the city will be dishing up delicious food and plenty of refreshing drinks – making the Cordoba May Patio Festival both a treat for the eyes and the appetite!


to take a peek  to have a quick look at something

land you in trouble  to do something that will then cause you a problem

to check out  to take a look at something because it appears/seems interesting

in a bid to – another way to say, in order to or in an effort to

green-fingered – having the ability to make plants grow

safeguarding – protecting

in their full glory  the moment when something/someone is at their best

have their sights set high  to do your best to achieve something that may be difficult

out in force – present in large numbers

to stop by  to go visit something or someone

be dishing up – serving

a treat – something nice

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