A bit cheesed off

What’s in a name? Well… everything, according to Spanish Cheesemakers.

Makers of the much-loved manchego cheese are seriously cheesed off. Why?, Well, the EU has just ruled that Mexican cheese producers can use the same name, manchego, to describe their cheaper, cow’s milk cheese

Spanish cheesemakers are furious. They can’t understand how their beloved manchego cheese, which is made from the milk of manchega ewes, can now share a name with a Mexican inferior cow’s milk version – which is most typically used to stuff quesadillas!

Indeed, Shakespeare may have dismised the importance of a name when he wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but Spanish cheesemongers don’t agree.

As one cheesemonger from La Mancha put it.”The word manchego, like the word Scottish, Welsh, Riojan or Extremaduran, refers to a place,” he said. “A manchego can be a man from La Mancha or a cheese from La Mancha. It can’t refer to a man from Mexico or a cow from Mexico or a cheese from Mexico.”

What next?Will someone from Argentina or Paraguay decide to call their drink scotch whisky or their wine champagne?


To be cheesed off – annoyed or upset about something

beloved – something or someone you love very much

Cheesemonger– someone who specialises in cheese

As one person put it – said

What next?– What will happen next?

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