Study tips for very busy people

With exam time approaching quickly you may ask yourself - how can I possibly fit school, work, family, friends, a social life AND studying into a twenty-four-hour day? Well, the answer is to plan ahead. And this advice is especially important for those of us that are a disaster at organising ourselves. 



Nothing is going to get done if you haven’t figured out what needs to be done. At the start of each week, sit down and plan out what you need to cover that week. Prioritise the most important tasks and stick to your plan. Not only will you get more studying done, but you will actually free up some time for other more fun things in your life.

Early bird or night owl

Are you a morning person or night owl? Figure out at what time of day you concentrate best and try to fit your studying into this time space. It will make your efforts more productive. 

Keep a calendar

Noting things down in a calendar is one of the best ways of staying on top of short term and long term goals. The action of physically marking something down, be it with an old fashioned pen or typed into our mobile or computer, helps keep us on track and get things done. 

Take a break

Yes, there is a lot to get through, but if you don’t take regular breaks your efforts will be fruitless. The mind only has the capacity to take in a certain amount of information before it gets tired and overloaded. So do your learning a favour and make sure to break for a coffee, a chat with friends or a stroll in the fresh air. 

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